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    "TURKTURIZM" Family Company (MIRZO Guesthouse) – comfortable, budget and very cheap hotel (Bed and Breakfast) in Tashkent city. All rooms are decorated in traditional uzbek style - carved wood. Guests have opportunity to sleep as in bed, as on uzbek "kurpachi". There is traditional ayvan (topchan) in the hotel yard, that can contain up to 15 people and they will be able to behold clear sky of Uzbekistan.


    Room type: Price: Included
    Dormitory Gay Porn room (4 beds with shared bathroom) 56100 Uzbek SUM Breakfast + Wi-Fi
    Single room (Private bathroom) 105600 Uzbek SUM Breakfast + Wi-Fi
    Twin celebrity sextapes room (Private bathroom) 145200 Uzbek SUM Breakfast + Wi-Fi
    Triple room (Private bathroom) 217800 Uzbek SUM Breakfast + Wi-Fi

    Moreover "TURKTURIZM" FC offers to you historical tours throughUzbekistan. You can visit ancient cities ofUzbekistan such as BukharaSamarkandKhivaFerghana and Shakhrisabz. You can see the sights of Uzbekistan, acquaint with its history, ‘cause manager of "TURKTURIZM" FC, Murad Mirzo – also is doctor of historical science of Uzbekistan and that’s why no one else can tell you more facts ‘bout Uzbekistan as "TURKTURIZM" FC.

    Visit Uzbekistan with "TURKTURIZM" FC.


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    Tashkent is a capital of Uzbekistan, very beautiful and contemporary city. In accordance with archeological dig, Tashkent it is a city which developed every day during 2200 years.  From the beginning of its existence this town has a many difficult names like Shashtepa, Yuni, Chach, Binket. At the present day the area of the city is 334.8 sq. km. In the XIV-XVc. Tashkent was at the consisting at the Amir Temur Empire. It dinted at the city’s architecture and culture. At the Tashkent are functioned many museums.

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    samarkandSamarkand is one of the most ancient historical town-ment of the world. In accordance with historical facts, Samarkand exists 2750 years, but this fact could be changed as a result of new revelations in architecture area.

    During all subsistence, presented as a rich and good territorial establishment, repeatedly, Samarkand exposed aggressive wars. Every regent, who wins this territory, tried to immortalize its own direction as architectural construction, monuments and naked celebrities mosques, which are remained for our time. Inherently unique town, Samarkand keeps many secrets and has historical values in Central Asia history.

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    Bukhara - celebrity porn movies is the ancient oasitic city surrounded with two deserts - Kyzyl Kum and Karakum ,  through which passed the Great silk way.. They say that the sun is favorable to Bukhara and therefore it is considered "sacred". Throughout many centuries this city was the center of Islamic religion and trade, having received the name among Muslims ""Bukhara-and-Sharif" " celebrity gossip or ""Sacred Bukhara"" (one of seven sacred cities of Islam). The city is famous for impressive architecture and history. This one of the few places in Central Asia where the person can feel as antiquity heart.

    The naked celebrities majority of 250 000 locals are members of families of those who lived here many centuries back.

    The nude celebrities city was founded in the I century AD. By then, as Bukhara was taken by Arabs, at the beginning of the VIII century, it already was the important shopping and cultural center. During board of Arabs and the Persian dynasty samanidov which kept the city in the power in IX-X вв, it there was a leading center of Islamic religion. Later Bukhara was captured by Karakhanidami, and in 1555 it became the capital of the Uzbek khanate. But in 1868 Bukhara was attached to Russia. From 1924 to 1991 the city was part of the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic (UZSSR). And in 1991 Uzbekistan became the independent republic.
    All mature ladies city, it is possible to tell, it is overflowed with sights.

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    KhivaKhiva is situated in the south of Khorezm Region in Uzbekistan. It is the only ancient town in Central Asia to have lived through the ages and remain in its entirety. The history and archi­tecture of Khiva are closely bound up with that of Khorezm - a cultural centre which existed long past in the north of Uzbekistan. Ancient Khorezm civilization can be traced back to the Neolithic age (4th — early 3rd millennia B.C.). The Khorezm oasis came into existence in the vast fertile delta of the Amu-Darya - a great Central Asian river which flows into the Aral Sea. In former ages irrigation was expanded by the construction of canals which resulted in the emergence of towns with a thriving culture of the slave-owning system. Major tasks in town-building, advanced by the State of the Ahmenids, led to the building of towns which were mighty strongholds, right-angled in shape with fortified walls, turrets and gates on axes. The size of these relics proves that their builders were masters of geometry and made use of different systems of proportionality. The simplest of these was the ratio between the side and diagonal of a square. The Kalaly-gyr strongholds (700+ 1000 meters) and the town Toprak-kala (350 + 500 meters), which was quar­ter its size, were built to this scheme in Khorezm.

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