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    Our motto: "Uzbekistan is a country

    with hentai videos great future and great past"

    The name of our Travel Agency "TURKTURIZM" FC has a symbolic meaning. The whole world knows about the existence of ancient nations and countries such as GreeceRomeEgyptChina and Indiain world history.

    At the same time, the ancient history and culture of Turkic peoples are of great importance. The members of Turkic speaking people are: Uzbeks, Kazakhs, Kyrgyzs, Karakalpaks, Turkmens and Uygus living in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and East Turkistan; Azerbaijans, Kumiks, Karachay-Bolkars; Turukmans and Nogais living in Caucasus; Tatars, Bashkirs and Chuvashs living in the coasts of Volga river and Ural; Yakuts (Sakha), Tuvinians, Tufas, Khakas, Kangmajis, Rulims, and Shurs of Siberia; Urums Gaghauzs, Crimeans and Karayms of Lithuania, Ukraine, Crimea, Moldavia and Georgia; Turkish people living in Turkey and Balkans.

    Of course, the language, history, tradition and cultural heritage of people living in such big territories are unique. The name Turkistan itself is well-known and shows that Turkic people lived here. The term "turk" is the root for names such as TuronTurkmenistan, and Turkey. naked celebrities It is known from  history that Makhmud Koshghari (11th century) founded Turkic linguistics with his work "Devoni-Lughatit-Turk". The founder of the religious movement (sect) Yassavia, Khodja Akhmad Yassavi (12thcentury), wrote in the Turkic language. The Great Tamerlane (14th c), Amir Timur, glorified theTurkic nation. Alisher Navoi (15th c) was elevated as “sultan” of Turkic poetry.

    We would like to pay your attention to Great Amir Timur's words, which lives with the great care about his own country and nation: «We are the property of Turan and emirs of Turkestan. We are the main link of the most ancient and the greatest Turkic nation". Amir Timur knew all his genealogical history by heart: "My grandfather Abul was Turk and the great khakan of the Turkic nation". Alisher Navoi wrote perfect works. From these examples one may see that all our ancestors considered themselves as a Turkic nation.

    From nude celebrities the foregoing examples we can see that all our ancestry are recognized the Turkic nation openly. Today, having asked several nationalities about the residence of the Turks, the answer is usually that they live mainly in Turkey. Of course, this is true, but many know nothing about other territories where Turks live. Today it is not a secret that the first president of the Independent Republic of Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov, who took Tamerlane's instructions as his model, already has awakened other Turkic nations with the words," Turkestan is our common house".

    All porn cartoon nations, especially Turkic peoples, know the words said by Turgut Ozal, President of Turkey, during his visit in 1993: "We are gone, you have stayed, and I have come to the motherland to visit you".

    Taking Mature Porn into account these words, from the point of view of the Turkic nation, its language, history, and statehood and in order to glorify the name of our nation, we have decided to form "TURKTURIZM" FC. hottest celebrities The purpose of the venture is to lead business activities on tourism and hotel accommodation.

    Our main purpose is to glorify our national customs and traditions, and the great deeds done today in our Republic.  We want to strengthen international cooperation and promote cultural and friendly exchange. At August 4, 2006 we get licence #262-06 to deal with tourism and the hotel accommodation business. General director of this venture is Mirzaev Murod (Murod MIrzo). Together with his family, he is trying to contribute to the development of society.  In a short period of time the hotel (it is also known as the house of Murod Mirzo or "Uzbek National House") had been visited by guests from many countries of the world. The guests have had opportunities to study Uzbek families, their daily life, character, mentality, cuisine, and values.

    It is a great pleasure for the tourists and guests to see how Doctor of Historical Sciences, Murod Mirzo, converses about history and culture, sings, and plays on the national instrument the dutar. He also organizes city tours.

    His mini hotel can accommodate up to 12 tourists. Work to increase the number of hotel rooms is proceeding. The hotel cooperates with big travel agencies, accomodating their guests.  For example, we maintain relationships with such tour operators as Uzintour, OrexCa, Advantour and Parus. Tourists report that they are satisfied with the hotel services.

    After celebrity porn having become acquainted with archaeology, architectural and historical values, craftsmen, bazaars, art salons, culture and the beautiful spirituality of Uzbekistan, tourists leave for their home country with fond emotions and greatest impressins.

    Dr.Murod milf pussy Mirzo is the scientific historian and also has a definitely knowledges in Uzbek culture and art. Because of it, he could elaborate a tours, which there are hasn’t other tourist companies. Every tour is special, original and uniwue. With it you can see all process of Uzbek nation development.

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