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  • Our mini hotel MIRZO Guesthouse

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    Welcome to Uzbek National House Hotel "MIRZO" Guesthouse (Bed and breakfast)

    The Uzbek National House Hotel "MIRZO" guesthouse (bed and breakfast) is belong to  “TURKTURIZM” FC company  and located in Tashkent city Old Town district. The House is registered as a hotel and issued the licensed number 262-06 on 4 August 2006.

    "MIRZO" is on of the cheap hotel in Tashkent


    Room type: Price: Included
    Dormitory room (4 beds with shared bathroom) 48000 Uzbek SUM Breakfast + Wi-Fi
    Single room (Private bathroom) 90000 Uzbek SUM Breakfast + Wi-Fi
    Twin room (Private bathroom) 118000 Uzbek SUM Breakfast + Wi-Fi
    Triple room (Private bathroom) 172000 Uzbek SUM Breakfast + Wi-Fi


    Hotel’s History

    Muslim tradesman Ahmadqori Mirzaev, the son of Tashkent's famous tradesman Mirzaboy, lived in this house. Nowadays, the family of his son, Doctor Murod Mirzo, lives in this house and continues to host guests.

    Doctor Murod Mirzo has done his research on Hotel Management, and his studies were, especially, dedicated to the Tourism in Uzbekistan, Hotels in Tashkent and Hotel in Uzbekistan. And based upon his studies he has established his own the best small Hotel in Tashkent.

    The Uzbek national house hotel, located not far from Hazrat Imam Complex in ancsient residential area of Tashkent city – Sagban. Near it is located "Ancient Jo'va" Bazaar, the National Theater, the National Park, the Uzbek Clothing Gallery, the Children's Creative House, the Tashkent Historical Museum, traditional communities, the Tomb of Kaffor Shoshiy, and the Barakxon and Ko'kaldosh Madrasas and other historical places.


    Altogether there are 12 large and small rooms which surround the inner courtyard. The rooms have space for 1, or 2 people.


    •    Provide guests with traditional Uzbek clothing
    •    Provide a place to stay
    •    Provide breakfast
    •    Tour through Tashkent
    •    Play traditional instruments and sing traditional songs
    •    Discussions about Uzbek traditions
    •    Other services provided according to guests' wishes.

    The rooms have been created in the style of traditional wood carving. The first room entered is a small guest room. This room can be a single or a double. In the room there are three cabinets and over-hangings carved from wood. Two of the cabinets have been used to store books and dishes and the third has been used as a garderobe.

    Likewise, there is a great hall where one can relax in the evenings. The other rooms have also been furnished in a traditional style. In the Summer, a large bed is placed in the inner courtyard, where 10-15 people.


    Mini hotel’s personnel would be glad to meet you.
    Realize your unforgettable recreation in Uzbekistan

    nbsp;Play traditional instruments and sing traditional songs

     Our hotel can provide Visa support to Uzbekistan for our guests. If you want visa support or accomodation around Uzbekistan (Accomodation in Tashkent, Accomodation in Samarkand etc.) we will organize all your travell.

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