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  • Uzbekistan

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    Area 447 400 sq.km
    Official language Uzbek
    Capital Tashkent
    Population about 30 000 000 hum. 
    Currency Sum (UZS)
    Time zone GMT  +5:00
    The biggest cities TashkentSamarkandNamangan, Andijan, BukharaFergana, Nukus
    Ancient towns Tashkent, Kanka, Margilan, Alay, Kokand,  Samarkand, Karshi, Kitab, Shahrizabs, Termez, Denau, Bukhara, Gijduvan, Khiva, Shurcha (not far from Nukus)
    International calling code +998


    General information

    The 1st of September it is Independent day in Uzbekistan since 1991. Since this moment the priorities of Uzbekistan are democratic society and development of market economy formation. The republic was adjudged in more then 165 world countries and with 120 countries was repaired the diplomatic relationship. In Tashkent were organized more then 40 embassies and many none-government organizations. The embassy of Uzbekistan is acting in 25 countries in the world, consulate – in 10 countries. In March, 1992, Uzbekistan comes into UN.

    Beginning at first day of independent, the government of Uzbekistan fined the way for Uzbek nation interests’ satisfaction and also social, political and economical stability providing.

    Today’s market-economy relationships were established with more then 140 countries. In republic are worked more then 3800 joint ventures and total value of exports goods is increase too much.

    The international financial structure are support the reforms which are realizing in economical and social spheres.

    Uzbekistan is contributes with popular international organizations like as UN, OSCE, SCO etc. and reinforced of bilateral relationships with many countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and CIS countries.


    How to travel to Uzbekistan

    The celebrity sextapes most comfortable method to visit Uzbekistan is flight to capital of UzbekistanTashkent from international airports of Europe, Asia and America. The national air company of Uzbekistan is “Havo Yullary”, which increased route quantity and suggested the regular flights in London, Amsterdam, Athens, Frankfort- an-Main, Paris, Peking, Bangkok, Deli, Istanbul, Kuala-Lumpur, New-York, Seoul, Tel-Aviv and other.

    The airway company of Uzbekistan also introduced the flights by the many directions inside CIS and Uzbekistan.

    Moreover, the Tashkent is served black milf by the several international carriers like: Lufthansa (Frankfort- an-Main), Pakistan International Airways (Islamabad), Air India (Deli), real celebrity porn Turkish Airlines (Istanbul), Shinjiang Airways (Urumchy) и Arianna (Kabul).


    During the last few years in Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara was build some luxory hotels, which controlled by foreign managers. Moreover, in Uzbekistan have many independent local hotels of the different levels, which provide its habitation by the nude celebrities low price. One of these hotels is our celebrity news hotel (MIRZO Guesthouse) "TURKTURIZM" FC. naked celebrities The tourists need to take a registration during the visiting Uzbekistan, celebrity sex videos which provide by hotel when you stayed.

    Most of the hotel’s rooms of tourist’s hotels are provided by shower, bath-room, air-conditioner, cable TV and phone.


    In Uzbekistan is deeply continental climate. Usually at the south of the country – hot, and at the north – cold. At the winter the temperature vary from -12˚C till +5˚C, at the mountain regions could sink till -25˚C. At summer the temperature is +30˚C - +50˚C, moisture is low. The spring and autumn in Uzbekistan are mild, that’s why these seasons are optimum for traveling.

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