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  • Tashkent - Capital of the Independent Republic Uzbekistan


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    Tashkent is a capital of Uzbekistan, very beautiful and contemporary city. In accordance with archeological dig, Tashkent it is a city which developed every day during 2200 years.  From the beginning of its existence this town has a many difficult names like Shashtepa, Yuni, Chach, Binket. At the present day the area of the city is 334.8 sq. km. In the 3d hentai XIV-XVc. Tashkent was at the consisting at the Amir Temur Empire. It dinted at the city’s architecture and culture. At the Tashkent are functioned many museums.

    Tashkent became the capital area at the middle of the XIX century, when it was wined by Russian Empire.  The Russian military engineers are planed a new town by the progressive rectangular radial system and build up by the European buildings. The new town was joined to the old city, which was circled by the high cob wall with 12 gates.

    Since then passed many years. The time and elements not once changed the face of Tashkent and this process is continued by the present time. Most of the buildings are modern. Tashkent it is the city of architectural contrasts, when the monuments of the different celebrity nudes epochs are scattered by its territory. In Tashkent city are lives more then two millions people. It is very big and large city in the Middle Asia.tashkent

    The capital of Uzbekistan is considered an important centre of East study very long time. In museums and naked celebrities scientific researching institutes of the Tashkent are collected the eloquent evidence of Tashkent. it is very ancient center of settled life at the Middle East’s outskirts.

    More Bbw Porn than 2000 years it was names as Chach, than Chachkent, Shashkent and from this was formed name Tashkent celebrity porn video stone city.

    In this area was remained the Islamic architectural monuments of XIV-XVI centuries. From the XIX-XX centuries, when Tashkent was the capital of Turkestan area in consisting of Russian Empire, till present day, there has remarkable buildings of the different architectural styles. But contemporary cultural monuments are reflected the events of the recent history, and it is none disturb to be the favorite city of its residents, which are more then 100 nationalities.

    In Central Asia there have no city to equal by scale, cultural level and significance in political life of the last decades, as Tashkent.

    Hotels in Tashkent

    Living in Tashkent for travellers is very easy. In Tashkent have a lot of hotels. But they are not for budget travellers. Our company advice you to stay in our hotel "MIRZO" Bed and breakfast (Guesthouse).

    This hotel is "very cheap hotel in Tashkent". You can see full information on this link: "MIRZO" B&B

    MIRZO B&B is located in Old Town (Old City) Tashkent near Chorsu bazar (market) and Chorsu metro station.

    Mirzo B&B is located not far from Hazrat Imam Complex in ancsient residential area of Tashkent city – Sagban. Near it is located 'Ancient Jo'va' Bazaar, the National Theater, the National Park, the Uzbek Clothing Gallery, the Children's Creative House, the Tashkent Historical Museum, traditional communities, the Tomb of Kaffor Shoshiy, and the Barakxon and Ko'kaldosh Madrasas and other historical places.

    There latest celebrity news are total 8 rooms. There are: 3 twin rooms, 1 triple room, 2 single rooms and 2 dormitory rooms with 4 beds (share bath room and toilet). The rooms have air-condition, private bath room and toilet and they are all created in the style of traditional wood carving.

    The cartoon porn videos room rates are including breakfast and Wi-Fi. The guesthouse also provides some extra services such as visa support, booking train and plane tickets and transfer between airport and hotel.

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