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  • "ABU ALI IBN SINO" Sanatorium

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    "ABU ALI IBN SINO" Sanatorium located in Nurabad District of ancient Samarqand city. "ABU ALI IBN SINO" Sanatorium receives patients suffering by diseases of locomotor system, and nervous system.

    Collective of sanatorium is proud of the name of the resort! With the name of great scientist and doctor of ancient Orient for each patient crossing doors of this sanatorium staying hear will not bring to him any disappointment.

    Basic therapeutic factors are thermal (37-43°C), radon (20-25 nCuFp), chloride-sulfate, sodium waters with low mineralization (1.2 gFl), are equal to waters of famous health resort Ckhaltubo. Used for balneologic therapy.

    Besides mud therapy, acupuncture, exercise therapy, physiotherapy, massage, and douches are applied in therapy also.

    They will help to you to determine correct regimen of food, fix dietary table necessary for your disease there.

    Visitors are resided in   comfortable two-floor dormitory building with single and double place premises.

    For visitors service of summer and winter club, disco, sports ground, chaikhona are available.

    During excursion tours you will see unfading monuments of ancient Samarqand, attracting thousand tourists from all countries of the world!

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