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  • "AK-TASH" sanatorium

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    "AK-TASH" 3d hentai sanatorium is climatic health resort, located in 65 km from Tashkent. celebrity gossip Territory is surrounded with mountain slopes with deciduous woods. There are mountain rivers Aktash and Ayubsai. Therapeutic factors are pure mountain air, natural hydroionization from mountain rivers. All this is favorable at therapy of patients with diseases of respiration organs of nonspecific etiology.

    Physiotherapy, lesbian milf synthetic baths (coniferous,   saline),   sauna, paraffin-ozocerite therapy, massage, exercise therapy, terrenkur, balanced food included into complex of therapy.

    Indications celebrity sex tapes for therapy: diseases of respiration organs of non - tubercular character.

    Dormitory buildings have comfortable one and double place premises.

    Club free porn with cinema hall, library, spots grounds are available, we organize tourist excursions.

    For high-grade rest in sanatorium rich library, hairdressers, cosmetological room, various trade points and oriental chaikhona are running.

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