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  • Ванная / Bathroom
  • "BOTANIKA" Sanatorium

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    "BOTANIKA" 3d hentai Sanatorium is climatic and balneal health resort located in 30 km from Tashkent, in foothills of Tien Shan mountains, Shemale Porn at height 570 m above sea level.

    Continental climate, abundance of sunlight and pure air create most favorable conditions for carrying out climatotherapy.

    Alongside with climate the rich natural therapeutic factors are used: thermal, chloride-hydrocarbonate-sodium waters for drinking therapy, baths, therapeutic douches, colon lavage, and gastric lavage.

    Chloride famous people — sodium waters promote to improvement of cardiovascular activity, nervous system, gastro-intestinal tract, and reduces increased arterial pressure.

    In addition to mineral waters the therapeutic mud from Balikli lake located in Dzhizak Province is applied as applications and galvanic mud.

    Abundance of sunlight, purity of air, curative water and therapeutic mud are favorable for recovering of health of patients with neurological and gastro -intestinal diseases.

    Besides for 1 therapeutic purposes exercise therapy, massage, psychotherapy, acupuncture, laser therapy, hydro - air - ionization, paraffin -ozocerite, dietotherapy are applied.

    There celebrity sextapes is phytobar with various assortments of therapeutic and vitaminized cocktails there.

    All necessary diagnostic studies function: ultrasonic scanning, computer ECG, X-ray diagnostics, clinical and biochemical laboratory, etc.

    Dormitory buildings have comfortable one and double-place premises.

    Premises celebrity porn tube for parents and children (from 4 years age), premises for elderly people are available there.

    To naked celebrities services of visitors there are library, club, discotheque, ping-pong and billiard tables, tours are organized.

    To extended service there are choikhona, photo sexy milfs - service, hairdressing saloons for men and ladies, communication center, parking place, and so on.

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