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  • Комната / Room
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  • Комната / Room
  • Ванная / Bathroom
  • Ванная / Bathroom
  • "CHIMION" sanatorium

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    "CHIMION" celeb sex video sanatorium is balneal health resort, located in 32 km from Fergana city, in foothills of Katran-Tau, at height 450 m above sea level.

    Therapeutic naked celebrities factors are hydrosulphuric mineral waters for baths, irrigation douche, sulphate-hydrocarbonate sodium water for drinking therapy, sludge mud applications and galvanic mud which indicated for therapy of patients with diseases of circulation organs, respiratory apparatus, nervous system, gynecological diseases and urological diseases.

    In naked celebrities sanatorium modern therapeutic and diagnostic laboratories are available, physiotherapy, exercise therapy, massage, therapeutic swimming pool, psychotherapy, laser therapy, heat therapy (paraffin-ozocerite), phytotherapy, diet therapy, which serve for recovery of your health and prophylaxis of various diseases.

    Dormitory hottest celebrities buildings have comfortable one and double-place premises.

    In milf ass sanatorium therapy of children with parents in separate case is organized.

    Teen Porn To your service sports grounds, post office, hairdresser's, dining-room, art house, dancing hall, library. Excursion tours running.

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