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  • Комната / Room
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  • Комната / Room
  • Ванная / Bathroom
  • Ванная / Bathroom
  • "KHANKA" Sanatorium

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    "KHANKA" sexy milfs Sanatorium is new balneal health resort constructed by the modern architectural design. Three-floor dormitory and therapeutic buildings everything is made OK, one and double-places premises with all convenience. Who wants may use shared sauna and pool.

    Therapy celebrity porn movies of diseases of nervous and cardiovascular system, gynecological locomotorium is in high level here. Therapeutic rooms are equipped with modern therapeutic and diagnostic equipment. Large role is played by mineral source saturated with iodine bromine, other trace elements, which are issued as baths and become kind natural doctor for patients.

    Besides cartoon porn videos modern methods of physiotherapy, laser therapy, exercise therapy, massage, acupuncture, phytotherapy, and diet therapy are used.

    Winter garden which has different subtropical plants: cactuses, lemons, bananas and others will keep your mood well.

    To your service cozy dining-room, club, library, sports grounds, post office. Tourist excursions in ancient city Khiva are on.

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